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Client Feedback

We made the switch to PRMS Kareo Billing Services in June 2017. I have heard industry stories of problems and delays when changing from one billing company to another, so we had a few concerns going into the process. Many billing companies can handle the normal day-to-day work flow, but we brought a significant amount of baggage to the process. Our previous biller had significant gaps in posting received checks in the billing system, so our patient Accounts Receivable was in bad shape. There were significant problems with claims that had not been corrected and re-billed. There had been a lack of feedback on problem issues…. and without realizing the problem, we had been committing errors over and over again. From the start, the PRMS Billing  team that was working with us went into a full project management to get our account cleaned up. Communication immediately improved, and we initially had a weekly meeting to review the positive things that had been corrected and the areas to continue working on. Our billing collections increased the first month we started with the PRMS team, and have continued to grow from that point. It’s not only the higher percentage on initial claims, the rebilling of past problems, but the feedback process identified several things that we were not billing for and are average/$ per patient has increased.  Office Administrator, Pittsburgh PA 


  • Reduced Days in AR by 20 Days
  • Reduced AR Over 90 Days by 64%
  • Increased AR Under 30 Days by 43%
  • Increased Collected Revenue


Facts & Myths

These days, there are a great deal of medical billing companies touting the same sales pitches. These companies misrepresent how billing is really done.  Effective billing cannot be automated.  Billing requires, human knowledge and persistence. There are now software companies offering billing. Do these companies really have the drive and experience to handle the complete revenue cycle?  Some companies offer an extremely low rate. Ask yourself, can these companies truly handle all aspects of your billing? The reality is that if a company's price is lower than others, it's because they are not adequately investing in their staff and services. Ultimately this type of company will cost its clients a lot more than a reasonably priced company will.  

If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 


Myth #2

"No Contract"

You have probably heard the phrases "No Commitment", Leave Whenever you Want".  Some billing companies claim you can try their services for as short of period as you wish.  That may sound very attractive but the reality is that setting up a new client, big or small, is a large financial investment for a billing company. It requires careful planning, research, and dialogue with the client.  Otherwise, the client will feel the financial effects later on.  Trustworthy billing companies typically require some sort of initial commitment, or at least reasonable notice-period for opting out of a contract.  If they do not require any sort of legitimate contract, they're likely not investing much in that client. That means they're not being careful with their billing practices, and their services are likely poor and ineffective.