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Medical Billing Services

Experienced, Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

PRMS has provided superior physician results since 2003. With a proven, reliable process for the  complete revenue cycle, PRMS serves clients with a personal touch.  

Medical Billing

Sofware Flexible

Software cannot complete the billing.  Physician Practices should use a sofware platform that works best for them.  They should also hire a billing company that can obtain the highest level of revenue on their behalf. Physicians should not have to choose one or the other. At PRMS we work with numerous software platforms.  Our clients can operate on the system they prefer. 

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Medical Billing Services

Our Difference

Please dont be fooled by bargain-priced billing companies!


Some billing companies attempt to attract clients through below-market prices. These bargain billers want you to think that their low prices will save you money. However, the truth is their prices are low because their product is inferior. They offer insufficient services, have minimal experience, and make lots of errors. As a result, their clients miss out on a significant amount of revenue.

PRMS is a full-service, experienced billing company with a mean collection rate of 97%. This level of service and accuracy is industry-leading. More importantly, it allows allows providers to maximize revenue. Even when factoring in respective price differences, PRMS clients take home significantly more than the clients of these bargain billing services. 

When choosing a medical billing company, the smart investment is not in low prices, but in quality services. 

Medical Billing Service Features


Account Monitoring

*  Each Account is Monitored by multiple reimbursement specialists 

Efficiency and Responsiveness

*  PRMS staff members work in-house and are always available to answer your specific billing questions.  We are NOT a work at home company. We believe open communications between staff members fosters efficiency. 


*  Credentialing and re-credentialing services are provi

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We love our clients, We like to say we are local to all of our clients. Our Director Of Billing Operations travels to each clients location either monthly or quarterly depending on the clients location.  Not within travel distance? No worries we have the technology to video chat as often as required!

Physician Revenue Management

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