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Focus on Your patients...Leave the Billing & Collections to US


No other industry has such complexities in getting paid for services like healthcare.  And it changes all the time.  Large practices and hospitals have departments filled with people focusing specifically on ensuring the maximum payment.  At PRMS, we know you do not. Our combination of revenue cycle experts, technology and workflow best practices are here to help. Whether you are a small practice or large enterprise, PRMS can be your medical billing office. We'll do it cost effectively, and well with our end-to-end RCM billing services.

Maximize your income with PRMS Revenue Cycle Services

PRMS has over two decades experience in managing and understanding best practices for revenue cycle management for independent physician practices. We can reduce your costs while growing revenue and improving payment velocity.

Our Reimbursement Specialists and payment experts stay on top of all the latest government and payer requirements with a singular goal improve your days payable outstanding and reduce claim denials.

In the background, we use proven and award-winning technology tools to automate and manage workflow.  That technology, along with our revenue cycle management experts, ensures you are maximizing every available dollar for your practice.


The Medical Billing Services you Need!

Medical Billing Services



  • Daily claims entry
  • Electronic and paper claim submission
  • Dedicated follow-up
  • Claim correction and/or re-submission
  • Government, commercial and private billing
  • Weekly / monthly customized reports
  • Patient statements* (soft collections, up to 3 past due notices)
  • Payment posting / adjustments
  • Denial management
  • Managing collections
  • Patient inquires
  • A/R recovery
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Billing Services

Full-Service Solutions Tailored to your specific needs


 Real people answer your calls and are available for your questions. Same goes for your patients with billing questions. We devote our time and knowledge to you, our client! 

 Effective medical billing services allocate proper care to each stage of the revenue cycle. At PRMS, our unique, team-based approach is meticulously managed and built upon a foundation of consistency, redundancy, and transparency. Each claim processed is reviewed by 3-6 members of operational staff, which greatly reduces the chance of error. Plus, our AR team carefully combs through each client’s data to find ways to improve efficiency. 

Medical Billing in Altoona. 

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Full Service Revenue Cycle Management



What does this mean for you?

The last 15 years have shown more regulatory changes than the last 100 years of health care reform, combined. When it comes to RCM, more health care organizations are finding themselves having to do more with less. 

Due to increasing pressures, more practices and health systems are choosing to outsource RCM services. PRMS RCM services offer a true partnership for our clients, a shared responsibility and accountability, and proves that we are invested in our clients’ success beyond any of our competitors. By integrating people, process and technology, we help our clients improve workflow efficiencies, meet organizational metrics and control their cost to collect.  

General Overview



 Our medical billing services extend through the entire revenue cycle. While other companies require the client to do some of the legwork, PRMS personally takes on tasks like credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. PRMS also advises practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end; thus, saving costs that might otherwise accumulate on the back-end. 

Software Flexible


 We’ll work with software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Thus, no need to change your current system. However, if you’d like to make a change, we’re happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs. If you’d prefer to not use a software platform, that’s fine too. Many of our clients still mail or securely email us their superbills. 

Customer Service Focused


 Serving our clients to the best of our ability, will always be our primary focus. Each PRMS client has a team of employees, dedicated to serving his or her specific billing needs. If clients have issues or questions, they can call us directly and speak to an employee with individual knowledge of their account. All of our employees work in-house at our offices in Pennsylvania, so someone familiar with your account is always available. We make every effort to meet with our clients one on one as often as we can.